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Time for Tea with TPP!I’m a freelance editor and writer (and full-time beauty enthusiast!) who has worked with and written for Cosmopolitan magazine, Parents magazine,, and FITNESS magazine. I’ve had a life-long and relatively unhealthy adoration for three things: writing, bread, and beauty. (Okay — and the Oxford comma). After spending many a late-night manically scrolling through dozens of beauty blogs and sparkling Instagram posts that featured only high-end and expensive  products (I love MAC, but come on — a girl’s gotta eat!), I gathered my drugstore digs and founded The Primping Press. TPP was created on the belief that everyone, regardless of skill level or wallet size, deserves to feel good without having to pay a fortune or consult a textbook. With The Primping Press, my hope is that I’ll never again hear a Pinterest-perusing friend wistfully say, “I wish I knew how to do that.”

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bridget1I’m a fashion-obsessed freelance writer and editor who is currently exploring the best that the West Coast has to offer. And although my pale skin may not be the biggest fan of my new sun-soaked location, my wardrobe is loving the constant style inspiration. I’ve always been innately drawn to the fashion world, and I believe that what you wear is the easiest way to express who you are. I grew up cutting out pictures of celebrities in their beautiful high-priced designer duds, but when I realized at a young age that those pieces would never be within my budget, I decided to embrace the lifestyle of an accessible fashionista. I love bargains almost as much as I love breathing, and it’s way more likely that you’ll find me among the clearance racks and sale sections than at a high-priced department store. My closet is stocked with classic pieces and the latest trends, but my shopping trips never break the bank, and I’m here to help you embrace your budget in the most fashionable way possible!

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