Ditch Dark Circles with The Primping Press

Lighten Your Under Eyes

Published On February 16, 2013 | By Chloe Metzger |

This is Brooke.
Brooke is sad because she has dark circles under her eyes.
Brooke’s dark circles make her look like she’s in a mugshot.
We hate mugshots.

Luckily for Brooke, we have the tools to take those angry shadows away — and it’s way easier than you’d think.


  • Primer (I use Monistat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel) (Monistat? Chafing? Wha? Cool your jets — read this now)
  • A creamy stick concealer (I use Revlon PhotoReady Concealer)
  • Redness-correcting powder (I use Victoria’s Secret Anti-Red FX, but a good drugstore alternative is Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powder in translucent)
  • Highlighting eyeliner (I use Benefit Eye Bright, but a makeshift alternative is any white, pearl, or light pink eye shadow with a subtle shimmer)


Ditch Dark Circles #1













1. Apply primer. This is easily the most crucial step in masking dark circles. The entire goal here is to illuminate the under eye area and create the illusion of youthful skin. Without a smooth base (ahem, PRIMER), thick concealers and powders settle into the creases of your skin (see all of Brooke’s knobby nooks and crannies?), making fine lines and shadows more prominent. (It’s like trying to paint a tree trunk and wondering why everything looks jagged and uneven and terrible and why you’re even trying to paint a tree trunk in the first place…Where was I? PUT ON PRIMER, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.) Rub a small dot of primer between your ring fingers and gently smooth over your eye area.


Ditch Dark Circles #2












2. Conceal. When you have dark circles, your eyes may appear to sink into your sockets or hang out under a shrouding curtain of eyelid. To counteract this effect, it’s necessary to brighten both your dark bags and the areas near the center of your face that get red and ruddy. Think of it like a spotlight in the middle of your face — you always want to bring light from the outside to the inside of your features. Immediately after applying your primer, lightly swipe a stick concealer from your inner eye down and around your nostril (where skin tends to be red), and then from your inner eye outwards.


Ditch Dark Circles #3













3. Blend! Gently blend the concealer into your skin using your ring finger (which has the lightest touch and won’t pull on delicate eye skin).


Ditch Dark Circles #4













4. Counteract red with yellow. Yellow and purple are complementary colors (let’s dig back to those grade school art classes…), which means yellow works wonders on neutralizing bruise-like bags. Lightly dust your yellow powder across the same concealer lines as before, moving the brush in large, swooping circles. If your brush is stiff, press, press, press it across the lines to prevent wiping off the product you just applied.


Ditch Dark Circles #5













5. Look at that pretty face. Just look at it, gettin’ so much brighter…

Okay. Move on, now.


Ditch Dark Circles #6













6. Open your eyes. Applying a light color to the inner corners of the eyes is the easiest trick to brighten your face and create the illusion that eyes are farther apart (which is great for deep-set, shadowed eyes). Draw a ‘V’ with your highlighter pencil and gently blend outwards with your fingertip. If you don’t have a highlighter, use a very light shadow.


Ditch Dark Circles #7













7. To finish, dust face with loose powder. And voila! Wide-awake and mugshot-less. I call that a major win.


Primp on, folks.



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